Political Circus

The Political Circus is a collection of finger puppets of Canadian Politicians. In 2009, I created a series of 6 Federal politicians for an indie craft fair (Ladyfest Ottawa). The collection has since grown to include over 50 different politicians, both contemporary and historic, Rookie MP trading cards and political cartoons.

When I began this project in 2009, I wrote this:
Living in Ottawa, it can be a stretch to find excitement but I’m determined to embrace this clean and orderly town. You know how in Toronto or Vancouver, you see famous people just walking around? Well in Ottawa we have our own kind of celebrity; politicians! You can walk down O’Connor and see Joe Volpe and go “Hey aren’t you the guy who signed up dead people to the Liberal party!” So I’m happy to announce a brand new Fish on Fridays project: Live from Ottawa, It’s the Political Circus! Political geekiness meets textile art! Finger puppets of MPs, all your favourites like Iggy, Gilles Duceppe and John Baird. (I made Stephen Harper really fat because although I can attack the man on his policies, he stands by his policies, but no one stand behind their yo-yoing weight, not even a right winger.)

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